Wouldn't it be cool if you could get to know yourself even better then you do today? Yeah, we think so too. And we can help you with that.

All your talents, looks and quirks are located into your DNA. And as luck would have it.. we have the key! The key to get all that information out and we have the knowledge to figure out what you can do with that information.

There's a lot more to you then you know. And let's figure that out together.

In our DNA kit you'll find all the tools you need for the firts step. We're looking forward to meet you!

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Who is DNAisyou?

You have probably heard something about DNA, genes and chromosomes. But what do these words actually mean? How does a DNA analysis work? And what exactly happens in the laboratory? It may sound complicated, but it’s not. OK, if you really delve into it deeper, it may well be that you occasionally think: huh? Or: nucleo-what? Relax, it will all be fine! 

The most important thing you need to know is that our scientists do know what they’re talking about. What’s more: they dream about DNA and can tell you everything about it. Nevertheless, they won’t do that. All right, that may sound a bit strange. However, there’s a good reason for this. The fact is that your DNA consists of so much information; if you were to have it all read out, before you know it a year would have passed. And the question is whether that would be of any value to you...

For this reason, DNAisyou only analyses that 0.1% of your DNA with which we can really help you with respect to losing weight, sport and beauty. Hereditary illnesses and genetic origins are not, therefore, analysed by us.  

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The DNAisyou package

Can you not wait to start your new, healthy life? Then order your DNA kit now. Inside you will find:


  • DNA kit
  • Instructions
  • Return envelope
  • Information booklet

Invest in yourself

Your DNA is the construction drawing of your body. The ideal adviser if you want to improve yourself. DNAisyou offers you the best investment in yourself, so get started and give your new lifestyle the kick-start it deserves! 

  • SAFE We will protect your privacy and data, and will not share it with others without asking.
  • PROVEN The genetic characteristics of our DNA analysis have been scientifically proven by global research.
  • PERSONAL It’s all about you. We give your personal advice based on your scientific DNA analysis.

Simple process

  • My DNA
    1. My DNA

    After your order, you will receive a link with which you can create your personal account at DNAisyou.com.

  • Send your DNA
    2. Send your DNA

    After a few working days, you will receive your order. Collect your DNA and send it back to us.

  • Analysis in lab
    3. Analysis in lab

    Once we have received your DNA, we will get started with the analysis in the laboratory.

  • Results
    4. Results

    After a few weeks, you can find your results in MyDNA.

  • Get started
    5. Get started

    Get started with our advice, for example with a personal trainer and/or dietician.

The advisory report of DNAisyou contains the results of your genetic test. The DNA kit that you sent has been analysed by us and the results have been processed by systems of Omnigen BV and its licensee DNAisyou. We collect the results in a clearly laid out report, arranged into categories.

All results that you will find in the report relate to the product that you have ordered. They are intended to help you in the optimisation of your goal. When interpreting this report, you should take the following assumptions into account that may influence the application for you.

If you have received advice not to exercise from your GP/doctor, we would advise you to follow this advice. Our report cannot change anything about this.  When putting together this report, we assumed that you did not have any medical indications, as a result of which exercising is not wise for you, and that you are in good health and condition.

Furthermore, we did not assume in this report that you have been frequently ill in the last period of 12 to 18 months. Given that we cannot ascertain this from your DNA results, you will have to take this into account yourself. Never put your safety at risk during exercise. If you cannot exercise safely due to use of medicines, for example, we would definitely not advise you to do this.

Our advice has a limited scope. If you have allergies, we would advise you to take this into account yourself, should you want to adjust your diet on the basis of your DNA analysis. We cannot determine which allergies you have on the basis of your DNA. If in doubt, please consult your GP or medical specialist.

There may be various reasons why you can better not follow the advice in this report. If you are not sure at any moment what is best for you, please consult a GP, sport or training expert, or a dietician.

Responsibility & Liability
The advisory report has been put together by experts with the utmost care. However, you always remain responsible for your own actions and the consequences thereof.

Omnigen BV and its licensee DNAisyou B.V., its employees or representatives accept no liability for damages or costs that arise from following the advice below.

This exemption from liability includes, but is not limited to:
● damage as a result of loss of personal data;
● personal consequential damage;
● injury;
● direct or indirect damage to third parties or the property of third parties;
● liability towards third parties.

The above statement does not affect your rights as consumer in any way. And none of the above reduces liability in the case of deliberate fraud.

Please remember that DNA functions as a blueprint for many of the processes in your body. However, they are also influenced by many other factors. Always consider your environmental factors in the choices that you make. This DNA analysis is exclusively intended to support you in learning to understand your body and can never be used in isolation to make important choices.


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