About us.

DNAisyou offers you the opportunity to receive personal health advice based on your own DNA. We do this by analysing your DNA in the laboratory. Whether you you want to lose weight, become fitter or improve yourself in terms of beauty, we can research what works best for you. Due to the many developments in the field of DNA in recent years, and even months, we know more and more about the structure of DNA in the body and how it can be improved. In this way, you can also get the best out of yourself!

Our mission.

DNAisyou is a subsidiary of Omnigen BV, a young company that has existed since 2015. Omnigen believes that scientific knowledge and recent technologies should be available to everyone. They have gained experience with the development of knowledge in the field of DNA. The goal is to provide genetic information that is of real use to you.
And in this way the idea for DNAisyou was soon born. An organisation that is entirely dedicated to the communications, marketing and sales of this unique product. It is our mission to give everyone the opportunity to improve themselves in terms of losing weight, exercising and beauty. In order to do this, we analyse your DNA and make that understandable, accessible and applicable. We work with various specialists for this, such as dieticians, sports coaches, beauty specialists, sports doctors, etc. 


Invest in yourself.

Your DNA is the construction drawing of your body. The ideal adviser if you want to improve yourself. DNAisyou offers you the best investment in yourself, so get started and give your new lifestyle the kick-start it deserves! 

  • SAFE We will protect your privacy and data, and will not share it with others without asking.
  • PROVEN The genetic characteristics of our DNA analysis have been scientifically proven by global research.
  • PERSONAL It’s all about you. We give your personal advice based on your scientific DNA analysis.