Privacy Policy DNAisYou/ Omnigen

When you use our services, we will need some of your personal information to be able to provide you with our products. We respect your privacy and ensure that your personal information is confidential. In this Privacy Policy, we’ll explain which information we collect, for which purposes we collect them, how we collect this information and how you can alter the information and what your rights are.

The data that DNAisYou/Omnigen collects will be used only by DNAisYou/Omnigen and exclusively for the purposes for which the data has been provided and will only be collected after the customer has given permission. For example, for the delivering of our packages to your postal address or sending you your report by email. Your information will only be given to a third party if that is strictly necessary to be able to provide you with the agreed services or when we are obligated by law regulations to do so or when you have given permission yourself. DNAisYou/Omnigen will always treat your information with the utmost care.

Our services consist of four sections; the order, the sample, the genetic profile, and the activation of the user profile. We will explain which information we collect, for which purposes we process this data and how you can use your privacy rights, below.

Your DNA is special personal data because it concerns biomedical data and because your DNA is individual information. We treat your personal data accordingly and respect your privacy.

The Order

You have ordered an analysis of your DNA and a corresponding report. For this order we will need the following information from you:

  • Address: Post address for the delivery of the ordered "Sample kit" to the address that you have given us. This address will be deleted after your genetic profile is ready.
  • Contact information: E-mail address for sending updates about the delivery of your order.
  • Optional: Phone number, so the deliverer can call you if needed.



The data in the table above will be deleted from our systems after six months. We will send you the last reminder at the end of this period to ask you if you would like to keep following us and receive general updates. This is up to you! Without an answer, this information will be removed from our systems.


The Sample

The DNA samples are processed within the Netherlands in academic laboratories by licensed partners.


The Genetic Profile

To get access to the digital report that belongs with the DNA kit, we will ask you to create an account in our “portal” via There we will ask you to share the information in the table below, to complete your profile.

  • Account information: Your email address, username, and password to be able to use the portal.
  • Phenotypes: This is in addition to the information that we cannot directly find in your DNA sample. This concerns the sex, age, weight, length and level of effort.
  • Optional: n/a



You can download the information in the table above yourself via the portal. In the portal, we offer you the possibility to download your personal information, your DNA data and your report(s) all at once. You can also delete your account in the portal.



Profiles that haven’t been used for 18 months will be deactivated. After 24 months we will also remove them out of our systems. You will get a total of three emails that remind you to log in. When you are logged in, you can download your personal data and delete your account and profile yourself.


The Activation Of The Profile

An analysis and the corresponding report are the basis of our services. We have a few additional product and partners that we offer to get more value out of your DNA profile. For this, we will need some personal information, including your permission to share specific information from your profile with our partners.

  • Interactivity: Preferences and expectations about nutrition
  • Shielded profile: A "token" that we share with external parties
  • Complete profile: The full content of your DNA analysis



We have reported our registration of personal data to the Dutch Data Protection Authority to be in accord with the Dutch DPA. The information that DNAisYou/Omnigen collects is:

  • Last name, first name, salutation: For the correct salutation in the newsletter and other (digital) communication, about, for example, the order, the participation in contests or other discounts/giveaways.
  • Address, postal code: For the delivery of the online order(s) at the correct address
  • Phone number: For communication by phone or for confirmation of the online order
  • Sex, age: For calculations for the report
  • Email address: To use as a unique username for creating an account, for sending newsletters or other discounts (if you are subscribed to this), for the confirmation of (online) orders, for the participation in contests or giveaways and for sending an invitation for the participation in surveys.
  • Password: For the creation and security of your account.
  • IP-address: To prevent and combat fraud and other criminal behavior and to recognize the user.



Cookies are used on our website to be able to optimize our services and website and to be able to give you corresponding discounts and product. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer after you visit a website. With the help of cookies, we can make a user profile of you and make sure that you don’t receive or must give the same information repeatedly every time you visit our website and that personalized content can be shown to you. The webservers that pass-through cookies are and With most browsers, you can change the settings to refuse cookies or to get a notification when you receive one. For more information about the use of cookies by DNAisYou/Omnigen, you can click here. We also look at click history to see which product information could be interesting for you and for showing you corresponding content by analyzing the pages of and that you have visited and to improve the familiarity, functionality, and content of our websites, newsletters, and other emails.


How does DNAisYou/Omnigen protect my personal information?

To protect your personal information DNAisYou/Omnigen provides physical, electronic and legal management procedures. We do this by:

  • Secure all financial transactions, done through our website with HTTPS-encryption;
  • Taking care of multiple other technical security methods to secure collected data;
  • Giving employees only access to the specific information they need to perform their function;
  • Only work together with third parties who secure all their computer hardware and processes and who will make sure your personal data is only used for the purposes for which you have given your information to DNAisYou/Omnigen;
  • Periodically carry out independent security audits on our online environments to make sure that possible risks are discovered in time and can be limited.


Which choices do I have concerning the collecting of my personal information by DNAisYou/Omnigen?

You have the choice to:

  • Update or correct your personal information
  • Unsubscribe receiving emails on your email address
  • Deactivate your account to prevent future order via your account
  • Turn off cookies for the and when visiting
  • Have your profile deleted by DNAisYou/Omnigen


Update or correct your personal information

Log in on DNAisYou/Omnigen via and change under “Mine DNAisYou” the data that you would like to update or correct.


Unsubscribe from emails that you have received from DNAisYou/Omnigen

Go to the link at the bottom of the email and unsubscribe or contact the address below.


Deactivate an account

To have your DNAisYou/Omnigen account deactivated and deleted you can contact the address below.


Deactivate cookies

For more information about refusing or deactivating cookies, you can click here.


Questions or remarks about our privacy policy?

On request, we offer the visitors of our website access to all the information that we collect of them. If you wish to get access to this information, please contact us via the address below.

On request, we offer the visitors of our website the possibility to change any correct information that we save of them. We also offer the visitor of our website the possibility to delete any information that we safe of them. If you wish to correct or delete your personal information, please contact us via the address.

If you believe that our website is not in accord with our privacy policy, please contact us via the address below.


How do you contact us?

If you wish to leave a comment about our privacy policy, have questions about the collecting of your personal information or the use of cookies on the websites and, you can contact us via the options shown below:

DNAisYou B.V.

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  • Phone number: +31 (0) 85 0433 222
  • Address: Marconistraat 16 3029 AK ROTTERDAM

Omnigen B.V.

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This version 1.0 of our privacy policy applies since 5 December 2017.

DNAisYou/Omnigen might make changes to this privacy policy.

Any changes will be made known on the DNAisYou/Omnigen website.